Tambang Benua Alam Raya (TBAR)

Cokal has entered into an agreement to acquire a 75% interest in tenements adjoining its premier coal project, Bumi Barito Mineral (BBM).

The Tambang Benua Alam Raya (TBAR) Exploration Licence (IUP – Izin Usaha Pertambangan Eksplorasi) No.188.45/204/2012, which is on the Clean and Clear (CNC) List, is an exploration area of 18,850 hectares, with over 80% of the lease being either production or limited production forestry lease which means it is available for exploration subject to the issuance of a exploration forestry permit.

Based on our exploration success at the BBM project we have secured the TBAR IUP as there is a reasonable potential to find the premium coking coal seams in BBM to extend down into TBAR.