Borneo Bara Prima (BBP)

PT Borneo Bara Prima (BBP) is a PMA company with an ownership structure similar to BBM of 60% Cokal and 40% Indonesian owners. The project is located in the North Barito Basin and covers 13,000 ha. BBP is directly adjacent to the Maruwai Coal Project (BHP 75%, Adaro Energy 25%) which hosts the Lampunut coking coal deposit in the Batu Ayau Formation immediately to the southeast of the eastern BBP project area.

Exploration activities to date have comprised an initial reconnaissance mapping programme which has identified the presence of multiple coal seams from outcrops. Initial laboratory results indicate that coal from the southern part of the BBP Project is suitable for the PCI and Anthracite markets and is a bright coal with a low in-situ ash, low sulphur content, ultra-low phosphorous and high energy.

Given the size and location of the BBP concession and the limited exploration data to date, there is potential to discover one or more economically significant coal deposits, which may support a range of high quality products to the metallurgical coal export markets.