Cokal Limited (CKA) is an ASX listed coal company, with high margin metallurgical coal as our key focus.

Cokal Limited (Cokal) is an ASX listed coal company, with high margin metallurgical coal as our key focus. The Board and senior management have extensive experience in successfully:
  • Identifying highly prospective assets
  • Forming appropriate business / financial structures and relationships
  • Providing the vision for a high performing business
  • Developing and implementing the plan to produce metallurgical coal efficiently
  • Operating highly productive mines

Cokal commenced business as Jack Doolan Capital Pty Ltd (JDC), a private company, formed primarily by the current Board and like-minded people. In December 2010, JDC was acquired by the ASX listed Altera Resources Limited (AEA), with the Board of JDC assuming the control of AEA. Altera Resources Limited, was renamed Cokal Limited (ASX: CKA) in February 2011, better reflecting its ambitions to become a global metallurgical coal business. Cokal holds interests in coal exploration tenements in Kalimantan, Indonesia and Tanzania.

Cokal is building a portfolio of assets which will deliver high value access to quality metallurgical coal. Proving up resources, for early production, within the metallurgical coal basins of Central Kalimantan and Eastern Africa, is our priority. Our growth strategy is built on the swift development of our key tenements, and prudent acquisition of further quality assets.

Cokal will differentiate the company from others, by focusing on:

  1. Building a Global Metallurgical Coal Business. Geographical, political and partnership diversification in areas of high potential value generation; in a commodity we understand, and believe has a tremendous future.
  2. Positive and Agile Decision Making. Our executive team has a track record of being able to make quality decisions – quickly, cost effectively and consistently.
  3. Respect for All Stakeholders. We believe in fundamental respect for diverse beliefs, opinions, education levels, culture and the well-being of the people we influence. This includes safety, environmental management, and behaving in a way which brings credit to us.
  4. Ethical Decision Making. An approach to how we do business that ensures our long term licence to operate from our key stakeholders.
  5. Technical Skills for Innovative Solutions. Within our company we have the people, with not just the motivation to make a difference, but also the technical capability to apply innovative solutions to various challenges.
  6. Results Orientated. We are focused on delivering results, utilizing efficient processes, making use of the skills and talents of our people in a low risk manner.